Dressings and Sauces

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Spices and Seasonings

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Pantry Items

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Aji Verde Sauce - 8 ozThis sought after sauce is spicy and beautifully green. It’s made with Peruvian Huacatay and Aji Amarillo. It has fresh squeezed lime, cilantro and jalapenos to add to its vibrant flavor and colors! This sauce is fantastic for dips for grilled meat, but could just as easily be used for a pasta salad!gluten free, Healthy, pantry, vegetarian$6.99
gluten-free healthy pantry vegetarian
Double Unfiltered Vanilla ExtractSRM vanilla extract is house made with Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla beans. The beans are steeped for a minimum of 12 months. This vanilla extract is the finest around and is perfect when you want to impress your company with hot coffee or cocoa drinks during the holiday season. It also makes a great gift for the baker in your family. (2 oz bottles) Make sure you shake it before using every time so there are lots of tiny vanilla specks in every serving!  $9.95
Roasted Garlic4 oz. of garlic roasted perfectly with a bit of extra virgin olive oil. Use it in mashed potatoes, on flatbreads or pizzas, mix into your meatloaf, to make dressing, etc. Roasted garlic adds flavor and flair to your cooking, and doesn’t leave you breathing garlic  $3.99
Signature DressingsHere is our list of housemade dressings that have been requested and we now consistently have on our menu! We are working on going more and more earth-friendly so have changed to 8 oz bottles with a refills option – they will come in an 8 oz vacuum sealed bag for your refill convenience!$5.99$7.50